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Getting started with a Roku channel.

A Roku channel will expand your ministry reach. It will make finding and watching your media much more accessible for those not technically inclined or those without a computer or mobile device.

To get started, log in to your CWM account, visit the Roku page, and submit a build request by completing the information requested there.

Here are some features you'll enjoy with our Roku channel service.

A customized Roku channel.

We'll build and launch your channel using a customized SDK Roku channel fully integrated with your CWM account. If you want to manage your channel, you can use our service to host and organize your content and then use a dedicated JSON URL to host it under your Roku account. Please get in touch with us for your JSON URL if you wish to proceed this way.

Built with your artwork.

We can get you up quickly using your ministry brand logo you provided. Your channel will blend well with your logo, using custom background colors to match!

Easy live stream integration.

Your viewers can watch your live stream directly through your Roku channel. If you utilize a third-party service for your live streaming, send us your RTMP URL, and we can point your channel to your existing live streaming provider. You can utilize our service if you don't currently have a live-streaming provider.

Video-on-demand integration.

Your viewers can watch previous live streams and uploaded pre-recorded content.

Easy video categorization and management.

Organize your videos into categories to provide an easy way for your viewers to search and find your content.

Great for Roku developers.

If you already manage your own Roku Direct Publisher channel, you can easily switch to CWM using our feed URL with a quick update to your settings from Roku's website. After setup, you can manage your channel's live and on-demand video content through the CWM dashboard.

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