Live stream stats

To review real-time or historical data for your live events, log in to your account and visit the Broadcast Panel. You'll find various options for displaying your data, such as day intervals or seeing specific events days. Live streaming stats are broken down into the following:

Concurrent viewers

Concurrent viewers are the most amount of viewers watching your live stream at a single time. This includes all viewers, regardless of how they watched your live stream.

Unique connections

While concurrent viewers will show the most people watching at a single time during your live stream, Unique connections break down even further by grouping households together by IP.

For example, in a single household, two or more people may watch on their own devices, and unique connections will group all those viewers as one since they all watched from the same IP address.

Mobile connections

These are viewers watching from mobile devices such as a tablet, iPhone, Android phone, or any other machine that identifies itself as a mobile device in its user-agent.

Roku connections

These are viewers watching from a Roku device.

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